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I Am Professionally Trained

Hi macho man,The name is Paula and you can call me honey. At Las Vegas, you only get the best of the world’s most beautiful girls and this is who I am, a very beautiful, sexy and intelligent girl. You can take me up now as your Las Vegas escort because that is what I have been professionally trained for some time now and am new here so am just fresh for your taking.

If you love Las Vegas for anything, it should be for getting along with models and celebrities like me.I have got those celebrity looks that will make other people keep staring with admiration at you and I when we go outing together on those business occasions, parties, clubbing, dinners, etc.I will shake my ass and perky tits for you and lay on you with a mission to massage you sensually and possibly therapeutically. The whole essence is for you to get a well-deserved pleasure. If you need a very hot, intelligent and sexy partner to be your companion, then I am the one for you. I can be so naughty to even massage you with my tongue, that’s just how crazy I could be with you on permission.

I am very honest and straightforward to deal with but don’t take my love and tender nature for granted because I am not cheap, am just a caregiver with passion to see you are well served. Respect me and you will be treated like the king that you are.I am a sexy Las Vegas escort with dark hair and lovely eyes and the best perky tits you are ever going to find on a woman as adventurous and free spirited as me. 

As your personal Vegas escort I will show you the true meaning of the word fun. We are going to live our lives without borders, at least for this date. Whether we stick to the strip or really go out on a limb I have no doubt that if you choose me to be your Las Vegas escorts girl you are going to have an experience that cannot be topped by anyone, anywhere, period.
So many girls try and make extensive personalities so that more guys will date them, and I get that from a financial outlook, but my life is too short to be lost on men who can’t handle me.

Sorry guys, but it’s how I roll and if you think you are up to the mission of letting go and having a crazy wild good time with me while you are in Las Vegas, give me a call as your Vegas escort and companion. We can make memoirs that will linger for good and forever. I can play multiple roles for you anyway you want me to such like being your celebrity, your girlfriend, your baby, your sister, your secretary, your wife, your mama, your stripper, your dancer, your lover, your official girl and so on. Just contact me now and let’s get rolling.

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