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I Love To Shake My Treasured Ass

Hi naughty-naughty guy, My name’s Savanah. You must be attracted to me and that’s why you clicked to my profile and I won’t disappoint you. I am not too pretty on photos even when some say I look hot, but if you want to see how really hot I look which is 100% more than what you are seeing or imagining now, then come rock with me as I am one of the world’s best Las Vegas escort currently existing.

I think I should start by telling you a few things about me that you might like and things that makes me a good Las Vegas escort. I simply will be your best companion, and when it comes to giving you the best of body and soul massage, I am the one to count on. I have a very sexy busty ass and I just would love to shake it for you because I love to shake that treasure. I love when guys pay a lot of attention to it and I know that you’ll want to pay a lot of attention to it as well.

Oh my god, you need to see also how very sexy and luscious my tits are and you would love to propose to feed on it; maybe I could be your new mama. A seductive, Hands-On, blonde masseuse for a delicate yet explosive touch is what you will get from me as your escort. I will help you de-stress and relax. I am a very generous Las Vegas escort and I go that extra mile to make sure that you are well satisfied and pleased with the things I offer.

I am just too sexy and ready to pour out my sensual acts all over you. Think about intelligence, character, understanding, beauty and love and you should be with me. I assure you that you will not get any better deal, and I authoritatively say that you haven’t seen love and relationship like you will get with me. Every second spent with me is like heaven on earth and I could make this happen with you and I any time, any day, anywhere, all through the clock.

I am a very straight forward cutie pretty thing and while I love honesty and truth, I expect same with you, so we can be fully open and understanding with each other. Stop reading now and call up on me, let’s hook up and build the experience you will forever keep in memory but if you wish to keep reading then all good to. I love good men with good sense of judgment, a man who will treat me right as I would treat him with respect and dignity.

A simple gesture of kindness from you can make me do anything moral and exciting for you. And I don’t count my service as me being a cheap girl you just got in Las Vegas, no no no; I am highly professional and equally as naughty as you. So if you think am great, it is because you too are and when you think otherwise, maybe you lack understanding and I trust you are just too sweet not to make me care for you and you also for me.

My talents are made to make men happy and I have all the answers you need to be pleased.  I am the top lady you are ever going to find that is so caring.

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phone-number-white phone-number-white