Why Do Couples Hire Escorts

Spice Up Vegas With a Couple’s Escort

People tend to distance themselves from the idea of a third wheel. But they shouldn’t. Third wheels are far more stable than two, enhancing it in almost every way. Especially when that third wheel is a seductive escort that knows all the ins and outs of Las Vegas.

Couples hire escorts while in Las Vegas for all kinds of reasons. Maybe they want a hot tour guide that can be with them throughout the evening. Perhaps they want to spice up their night inside the hotel room and have always fantasized about having another member. Some guys just love seeing their wives have fun with another woman. 

Finding another woman on dating apps is, well, let’s say a bit cringe. The “looking for a third” line on Tinder profiles makes for a difficult segway, and it scares off most of the prime women on the dating app. But the best Las Vegas escorts will have no problem becoming a third. When searching for escorts for threesome activities, that third party can guide you to the best restaurants, become the third dancing partner, or be the third pair of hands for a romantic couples massage. 

There are all kinds of reasons why a couple would hire an escort. The real question is, what’s your reason?

Romantic Couples Massage

Don’t get us wrong, the spas inside your hotel or resort are great. These can be incredibly relaxing, and many of the massage therapists have received education from all around the world in the art of therapeutic massage. All of this is great if you want to get that knot out of your back or if you’re been suffering tension in your neck. But they are not going to provide you with a sensual experience. The sexiest thing they will say to you is, “disrobe to your level of comfort” (we’ve always wanted to dress up in snow pants when they leave, just to see their reaction when returning. “Hey, it’s my level of comfort”).

All of this is, honestly, a bit odd. The act of a massage is in itself sensual. You are there, naked, or at least nearly naked, with someone rubbing your body with their own, using oils and gentle music. So, while we do recommend going to the hotel spa for a therapeutic massage, if you want to add in a sensual element to it, an escort is the absolutely perfect option for you.

With an escort, you can have the massage given right in the comfort of your own hotel room. You don’t have to leave, head off to some shady parlor in Chinatown, or feel like you’re committing a crime as you look over your shoulders while entering the dank massage parlor space with red curtains blocking out all windows. When you hire an escort for a sensual massage, everything is above board. Whether you want a single escort for you and your special someone, or you want to hire a second escort for it, the happy ending couples massage will leave you basking in the glow of a soothing massage experience you would never find in a spa. You can even help with the couples massage when with an escort. With the couple massage spas the term itself is a bit off. You’re in the same room, and that’s about it. There’s no interaction, you don’t get to help give the massage, and in many ways, it’s more awkward. There’s less talking and communicating between you, the therapist, and your significant other. 

So when you want a real couples massage, you owe it to yourself to book one with an escort. It is comfortable, sensual, fully nude, and a true experience. 

Add Spice To Your Relationship

Over time it is far too easy to fall into the same old-same old rut. You do the same things, go to the same restaurants, see the same people, have the same levels of intimacy. It’s fine, but it’s the same. If you’re looking to add a spark in your life you need to go a little further than just going to a different city. You need to take on new experiences, and the reality is, few experiences are as new as bringing in a third person. This doesn’t even need to be anything super intimate. It can be something as easy as going to dinner as a triplet, going to the club, going hiking just hanging out and chatting it up. Of course, there are the intimate options, including the massage, that just adds that new level of spice to your relationship. 

When you hire a girl to go to your room you can watch as she performs an exotic dance, take in a strip tease, enjoy a lap dance in the privacy of your hotel room, or even enjoy a sex toy demonstration. If you want something a bit more hands-on the variety of massage offerings will also bring that extra level of seductive heat to your relationship you may be missing. From a sensual massage to a NURU massage, Las Vegas is the perfect destination to hire yourself that third wheel you’ve been putting off for so long.